Review of Big Red Music Festival 2013


Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada, meaning we don’t get a lot of good concerts here. Most bands and artists go to Halifax or Moncton, meaning we would have to drive a good 2 to 4 hours to go see them. This Canada Day weekend however, the Big Red Music Festival brought some of Canada’s greatest artists together in Charlottetown for a weekend of amazing music.

The entire weekend line up was amazing with bands from Faber Drive, Metric, Hedley, Great Big Sea, and even Ludacris (I know, I’m still confused about that too). But, seeing as I only attended the shows on Saturday, June 29th, I saw Courage My Love, Joe Robinson, Faber Drive, and Hedley.

The weather wasn’t the greatest, with rain shutting down the Friday night concert early, but for the most part it held up. There was a couple of little sprinkles of rain here and there throughout Saturday afternoon, but nothing that would drive away the fans.

Courage My Love kicked off the Saturday evening concerts with their set at 4:30. And let me tell you, if you haven’t seen this band live, you are seriously missing out. The trio rocked their hardest to the small crowd by the stage, singing songs from their latest EP, ‘Becoming’ as well as some of their older songs. Full of energy and undeniable talent, Courage My Love got the crowd dancing despite the weather and made sure we had a good time. They also signed for many fans at the merch booth after their set.


Unfortunately I missed most of the Joe Robinson set because I was talking to Krikit from Faber Drive and  Mercedes, Phoenix, and Brandon from Courage My Love (interviews coming soon!), but from what I did catch of his set, the Australian musician was amazing.

The second last performance of the night was Faber Drive. Despite the cough that Dave Faber had, they still performed an amazing set, full of old crowd favourites such as “Obvious”, “Tongue Tied” and “When I’m With You”, plus some of the new songs from their latest album, ‘Lost In Paradise’ such as “Candy Store”, “Life Is Waiting” and “Lost In Paradise”.  They also covered a few songs like “(I Just Died) In Your Arms Tonight”, “Hold My Beer”, “Airplanes”, and “Can’t Hold Us”. Even though I’m not the biggest country music fan there is, when Jordan Pritchett (son of Aaron Pritchett) covered his father’s hit song “Hold My Beer” there is no denying that I was dancing around and singing along with the crowd. Faber Drive’s performance was nothing short of amazing. After their set, they too went to the merch booth and signed for many fans, including myself, before Hedley took the stage.


And finally, Hedley. The last performance of the night. And they did not disappoint.

All four members put on a show full of energy and hilarity for the crowd. Singing some of their older songs such as “Never Too Late”, “Old School”, and “For The Nights I Can’t Remember”, making the crowd sing our loudest and dance our hardest. Jacob kept the crowd laughing by telling jokes, mainly how long it took him to get into Dave’s pants, and getting the crowd to throw things at them on stage for a few seconds, and yes, I am being serious. They also performed songs off of their last album, ‘Storms’, such as “Kiss You Inside Out”, “Stormy” and “Invincible”.

Also, if you did not know, Hedley is currently recording a new album, and Jacob hinted at returning to the east coast when they tour for the album.

All in all, despite the weather, it was an amazing day. If you do attend Big Red Music Festival in the future, there are VIP packages available, but to be completely honest, unless you are using the VIP pass to get into the tent where there is alcohol, there is really no need for it. The “pit” that we were allowed to stand in was beside the stage and you would get a better view if you weren’t there. Other than that, the day was extremely fun and exciting, I got to meet amazing people, and I had the pleasure of seeing some of my favourite bands perform.


If you wish to see some of the videos I got of the performances, you can watch them here:

I also got some pictures, which you can check out here:

-Amanda Hather- Canadian Beats

Credit for Hedley photo goes to Jeanette Thibodeau

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