Sound Check Sunday – Tommy Alto

Sound Check Sunday - Tommy Alto

Tommy Alto, a post-indie/alt rock band from Vancouver, BC is who I will be featuring for this week’s sound check Sunday. Founded in 2009, Tommy Alto consists of Tom Vanderkam on lead vocals/guitar, Ben Klassen on guitar/vocals, Paul Engels on bass/vocals, Dan Besser on synth/vocals, and Chartwell Kerr on drums, vocals.

Known for their, “well-crafted, insightful lyrics and high-octane musical performance,” Tommy Alto has created a unique sound, different from others in similar music genres. Recently they released an EP titled, Oceans / Carolina, featuring six of their own original songs.

You can find the EP on their Itunes here:

Check out the band’s website for more information on tour dates, music, etc., and make sure to follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook:


Don’t forget to check back here for more updates on Tommy Alto!

-Aurianna Brien- Canadian Beats

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