The Lion The Bear The Fox single, Room 32

The Lion The Bear The Fox single, Room 32

“The Lion The Bear The Fox features 3 big voices singing honest songs. Members are Christopher Arruda, Cory Woodward and Ryan McMahon.

They have released their single, Room 32 today, on June 28th as part of this years Peak Performance project. For more info on this project, go here:

It’s a program that takes place in BC, to help build community between BC artists and provide vehicles for a life in the music industry!

Their single, Room 32, is a great song. The type of music that you really just want to sing along to. Their sound is a mixture of folk, rock and pop, in my opinion. Their voices go very well together. If you like to hear about new bands, then check them out on facebook: and follow them on twitter: @lionbearfoxband

Jenna Melanson -Canadian Beats-

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