Throwback Thursday #2 – Marianas Trench – Say Anything

This throwback goes back all the way to 2006. Marianas Trench released their debut full length album, ‘Fix Me’, on October 3rd, 2006. The first single and video off of the album, (also their first single and video ever) was for “Say Anything”.

This video was the beginning of the odd and eccentric videos the band is known for. Although it didn’t get much play or get high on the charts, it was the first thing many of their current fans seen of the band.

In honour of the guys just coming off of their American tour and their next video By Now being released soon, let us relive the 3 minutes and 54 seconds of flash dancing, tea parties with stuffed animals, modeling, and black mail.

-Amanda Hather- Canadian Beats

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