Sound Check Sunday – Within Rust

Sound Check Sunday - Within Rust

It’s the first Sunday of Summer! To help us celebrate, I will be introducing the band, Within Rust, for this week’s Sound Check Sunday!

This four-man, alt-rock group from Delta, BC, a city very close to Vancouver, has recently dropped their EP, Born. The band consists of Nolen Scott on vocals, Mattew Gage on lead guitar, Taj Wheeler on bass and Lewis Scott on drums.

Their EP, Born, has three songs titled Watch Me, Algorithms, and Alive With Ease. Each song is fast-paced and shows the band’s true potential in breaking into the music industry.

You can get their EP on itunes here:

and follow the band on Twitter and check out their website:


Make sure to keep checking back here for more updates on the band, Within Rust and I hope you all have a wonderful Summer!

-Aurianna Brien- Canadian Beats

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