Review of Tommy Alto EP Oceans \ Carolina

Tommy Alto is a Post Indie/ Alt- Rock band from Vancouver.
The band released their latest EP “Oceans \ Carolina” on June 11, 2013.

The EP features six songs, beginning with “Autumn Leaves”. The beginning of the song reminds me almsot of an anthem. The sound gives you an almost “reggae” feel, but don’t be mistaken, it is rock.

Next is “Sticks and Stones”, and I would have to say this is one of my favorites on the EP. In my opinion this song shows more of a rock feel, and I love the strong vocals in this song. I must say, I think this song would rock live.

“Alone/ Guilt” and “Deep Blue Sea” are the slower songs, that seems to be full of meaning. Up until now, each song on the EP shows a different side of the band. I love the variety of sounds.

Another of my favorites is the fifth song, “The City Game”. Once again it gives you a bit of a reggae feel. Everything in this song draws me in. The beat, the lyrics, the energy in the song. I think if I was recommeding only one song, this would be the one.

And finally, the final song, “Oak Tree” which is more upbeat and fun sounding. You can easily sing along to this song and you will love the lyrics.

All in all, this EP is a great listen, you can buy it on iTunes and you won’t regret it:

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