Friday Playlist : Songs of Summer


So today is the first day of summer! We thought it would be fun to tell you our favorite songs that remind us of Summer (by Canadian artists, of course) and we also asked a few of your favorite Canadian bands/ artists their picks!

First off let’s start with the writers’ picks!

Tara Chose:

  • Seeds by Hey Rosetta
  • Everyday by Brighter Brightest
  • Texas by Andrew Hyatt

Yanna Chose:

  • Loving You Tonight by Andrew Allen
  • Bucket by Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Summer Girl by Stereos

Amanda Chose:

  • One In A Million – Down With Webster
  • Do What You Wanna – Fighting for Ithaca
  • Here’s To The Times – ByStarlight

Jenna Chose:

  • This Party Never Stops – These Kids Wear Crowns
  • Kiss You Inside Out – Hedley
  • Green Lights – Halfway to Hollywood

Now the real fun begins, we got responses from a few of the coolest Canadian acts out there!

Adamm from FFI said: It’s a pretty old but 10 Seconds To Go by Social Code is one of my go to summer songs!

David from Faceplants: I don’t know why but The Oaf by Big Wreck has always made me think of summer and its activities.

Rock Johnson: Thornley – So Far So Good. I did a lot of driving to that album.

Seamus from Faber Drive – Summer Paradise by Simple Plan

Grant from Halfway to Hollywood – Nothin But Summer by Dallas Smith AND Summer Paradise by Simple Plan.

Brenden from Halfway to Hollywood – Summer Paradise by Simple Plan AND Your Man by Down With Webster

Brooklyn from Kiss of the King – Summer Girl by Stereos has to be one of the best summer songs ever! Yah, that’s right I dig the song! 😉

Tyrone from Rocketrocketship – Steal My Sunshine by Len

Jeremy from Rocketrocketship – Summer by Sum 41

Hope you enjoyed them, and be sure to turn up those summer tunes today! Celebrate the first day of summer!

-Jenna Melanson- Canadian Beats

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