Throwback Thursday – Classified

Throwback Thursday - Classified

Classified, a rapper from Nova Scotia, was around a few years before he hit it big with popular singles such as “Oh Canada”, “That Ain’t Classy”, and his current single, “Inner Ninja”. Back in 2005, off of the album ‘Boy-Cott-In The Industry’, “The Maritimes” was released as a single.

The song is about the stereotypes and how people see this region of Canada. Classified goes on about how we’re only known for being farmers and fishermen, being known for Anne of Green Gables and PEI potatoes.

The song is a hilarious rendition of the life that we live in the Maritimes, and to be honest, a lot of the song is true. Whenever I listen to this song I just have to laugh because I live in a town that depends on the tourism industry and it seems that everyone believes the stereotypes.

Nevertheless, it is one of my favourite songs by Classified.

-Amanda Hather- Canadian Beats

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