Album review for One Day Late

Album review for One Day Late

One Day Late is a hard rock band from Edmonton, Alberta. The band features Elton Davidge on vocals, Kyle Ginn and Dustin Grunninger on Guitar, Eric Ginn on Drums and Dwight Werbicki on Bass.

They have recorded their debut album in Vancouver, BC with producer, Eric Mosher.

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The album starts strong with “Get To You”, which in my opinion is the perfect song to get someone into your music. It’s heavy and full of energy. The vocals are perfect, and the beat is contagious.

Next goes on to “Here I Stand”, which reminds me more of 90’s rock still has that energy I just spoke of. In my opinion, it sounds similar to Metallica.

I’m not going to touch on every song, but I want to touch on two more songs that really stuck out in my head.

“Crazy” is my favorite on the album. The vocals are almost hypnotizing at the beginning of the song, and the lyrics really keep you listening. On top of that, all the instruments sound perfectly together in this song. Great song, in all.

The other song that really stood out for me was “Stick of Dynamite” which in my opinion features the instruments more than the vocals. Don’t get me wrong, the vocals are still amazing. But the guitar really takes over in this song and you can hear the skill behind it.

The whole album does what an album should do, shows you all sides of a band and makes you immediately want to listen again. I must say that the guys from One Day Late did an awesome job putting together the track list for this album.

-Jenna Melanson- Canadian Beats

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