Marianas Trench releases trailer for By Now

If you missed yesterday’s explosion of “OMG” and “THE FEELS” on Twitter because of Marianas Trench, or wonder why everyone exploded, it was because the band released their trailer for their next video, “By Now”.

Lead singer, Josh Ramsay, has stated that it was going to be a darker video than the rest of the videos off of ‘Ever After’, and that there is probably going to be two versions of the video: one for TV and one for the Internet. Why you may ask?

Well if you watch the trailer you can see the darkness of the video already in just a mere minute and a half of Ramsay narrating (extremely well, I might add) the short clip of money, sex, and drugs. The full video is set for release sometime this summer. If it’s anything like the trailer, I’m sure it’s going to be one of their best videos yet.

And if you wonder why it’s taking them so long to release this video seeing as they started filming it right after Face The Music: With A Vengeance ended, it’s because it has been their longest shoot for a video. They spent a week in Las Vegas, Nevada filming the video.

Keep an eye on their Twitter @mtrench for updates on when the video will be released!

-Amanda Hather- Canadian Beats

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