High Hopes: Bigger Than Review

By: Tara Thompson

High Hopes, a pop punk band from Saskatoon, released their debut EP Bigger Than this past January.

I pre-ordered this EP the day it was posted for pre-order. I anxiously awaited its arrival in my mailbox (and that’s not fun when its coming all the way to Newfoundland). It was definitely worth the wait though. They’ve got some gang vocals in Funeral and Kids We Used To Be, they’ve got an acoustic track with Star Wars & Poetry. They close the EP off with title track, and my personal favourite, Bigger Than.

We aren’t the only ones who think you need to check out this band. Their 14,000+ fans on Facebook might agree with us. Even Alternative Press agrees, as they featured High Hopes in their list of ‘upcoming bands to watch out for’.

Check out the music video for Bigger Than, HERE:

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