My Stand – Cupla

Cupla is an Alternative Rock band from Vancouver, BC. The band features the voice of Tricia McAloney, Guitar stylings of Bob McAloney and Andrew Venning, Bill McAloney on drums and Kevin Hall on bass. The band is described as an old fashioned rock band with heart.
Last July they released an anti-bullying song and video. The song was inspired by the “Bully” movie and 50% of all proceeds go to United Way’s Anti-Bullying / Student Proection program. “My Stand” was produced by Grammy winner, Eric Tingstad and is avaialble on itunes:

The video is a compliation of photos sent in by fans, and taken by of children around the neighborhood. The song really strikes a chord and the only way to stop bullying is to stand together and help others in need.

You can check out Cupla here: and follow them on twitter as well: ( @cupla1 ) and on their offical website:

-Jenna Melanson- Canadian Beats

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