Friday Playlist : Our Favorites Songs that we’ve heard live!

Friday Playlist : Our Favorites Songs that we've heard live!

For this week, we are featuring our favorite songs that we have heard performed live. Each of the writers has picked 3 songs!
Here goes!

Amanda’s Choices:
-No Place Like Home – Marianas Trench
-One In a Million – Down With Webster
-When I’m With You – Faber Drive

Tara’s Choices
-Revenge / Return – Rocketrocketship
-North America – The Motorleague (They dedicated this song to her when they played it live at the last show she attended)
-Wonderizer – Chris Kirby

Yanna’s Choices
-Lover Dearest – Marianas Trench
-Somebody to Somehow – Halfway to Hollywood
-Paint It Gold – Fake Shark Real Zombie

Jenna’s Choices
-Kiss You Inside Out – Hedley
-Life is Waiting – Faber Drive
-Last Chance – Fighting for Ithaca

We hope you enjoyed our first Friday playlist! We will be doing one every Friday. Be sure to check out the songs we chose! We’re sure you will love them!

-Jenna Melanson- Canadian Beats

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