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Greentree is a “harmonized pop-punk” band from Vancouver. Featuring two lead vocalists, Gabriela Geneva and Glen Stuart Hall, as well as Jonathan Roy doing some vocals as well. This brings in a great harmonizing effect that makes Greentree unique. Jonathan Roy is also on rhythm guitar, Cezar White on lead guitar, Andrew Fleury on bass and Brant Wladichuk on drums! Put them all together and you get musical magic!

Greentree started making a name for themselves in 2010, and have only grew since then, making changes to the lineup and positions of the band members in the process.

In the summer of 2011, the band decided to start recording professionally and shortly thereafter released their first single, Who I am, along with the music video which went on to win many awards including Best Music Video at the Vancouver Sun CBC Student Video awards and also at Reel Stars Film Festival! In February 2012, Greentree released their anticipated EP “Back When They Were Good” to a sold out crowd at the Tom Lee Music Hall in Vancouver.

The five song EP is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp!

Greentree is now working on new material, enlarging their fanbase and planning a tour for 2013! Get ready, cause they are going to take Canada by storm!

I’ve had the opportunity to do this interview with them, so here goes:

How did you guys first get into music?

GT: (Gabby) I’ve been singing basically my entire life. There wasn’t one specific event which started me off, I think music is just something that’s been in my life ever since I can remember. My mum sings all the time, so I most probably got it from her!

GT: (Andrew) In high school I didn’t fit with the ‘in crowd’ and grew stronger with music learning bass at the age of 16. Since learning bass I’ve never looked back.

Who are your musical influences?

GT: Our influences can be found all over the place. They can range from MCR and Fall Out Boy to musical theatre and Disney movies.

Up until now in your music career, what has been the highlight?

GT: Playing to a crowd that sings your lyrics back to you and that come to us and tell us how our music has positively had an impact in their lives. And studio time and touring of course.

If you had the chance to tour with anyone, who would you choose?

GT: (Gabby) My Chemical Romance. I’d bring them back and ask to open for them.

Most bands start out doing cover songs, what is your favourite cover song to play?

GT: (Jon) My favourite would probably be Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”. The crowd really loves to sing along with it.

Your EP is available on iTunes, if you were trying to convince someone to listen to it, how would you describe it?

GT: It literally has something for everybody. Because all the members of the band come from such diverse musical background and influences, we just love to write everything and anything. The EP is punk, rock, pop, alternative, slow, fast, dynamic, soft, intense, raw, everything. Check it out!

Do you have any pre-show routines or rituals?

GT: (Jon) Not yet, but we’re working on one!

I always like to include some questions that the fans might not already know, so here goes:

If you were stranded on a desert island and only allowed ONE item, what would you bring?

GT: (Cezar) Spitz.

What song can you not help but sing along to?

GT: (Cezar) Sexy Thing.

If you aren’t playing music, what could we find you doing?

GT: (Glenn) Rock climbing, making pasta.

Name one thing that your fans would be surprised to know about you.

GT: (Gabby) I definitely have never seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Please no kill me!

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

GT: Holy crap. We basically owe whatever success we’ve achieved so far to YOU. Everyone always says that, and it seems cliche, but there’s nothing more true than that. If you guys didn’t support us and listen to our songs, buy our music, and come out to shows, we would be nowhere. Nobody can make it without a kickass support system behind them, and that’s just what the fans and friends are. Thank you all so so so much!! So much love to you all!

Thank you for your time!

PHOTO CREDIT goes to: Geoff Lister.

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-Jenna Melanson – Canadian Beats

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