Marianas Trench – Face The Music EP

Marianas Trench - Face The Music EP

The recent four song EP release from Marianas Trench does not disappoint. The ‘Face The Music: The EP’ was released in the States as a way of promoting their current American tour, as well as getting their American fans ready for when they re-release their platinum album, Ever After, in the States with a few new songs to go along with it.

The EP consists of their hits “Haven’t Had Enough”, and “Desperate Measures” as well as acoustic versions of “Haven’t Had Enough” and “Fallout”. If anyone has ever doubted the talent this band possesses, just show them these acoustic songs. You can hear the talent that their success was built on as they harmonize beautifully with the accompaniment of guitars.

Normally on their songs, the main voice you hear is Josh Ramsay’s. Which makes sense, seeing as he is the lead singer and Mike Ayley, Matt Webb, and Ian Casselman provide backing vocals. But, in the acoustic tracks, you can clearly hear Matt and Mike singing on their own.

Unfortunately, because this EP was a way of promoting the band in the States, physical copies are not sold in Canadian stores. You can however, purchase a physical copy here or download the digital copy off of iTunes here

The boys of Marianas Trench are finishing up their American tour before they head to Toronto, Ontario for the MMVAs on June 16th. Following that they are performing in a few Canadian cities, all dates and ticket information can be found on their website at

-Amanda Hather- Canadian Beats

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