Throwback Thursday – Shake Tramp by Marianas Trench

Raise your hand if you know a band called Marianas Trench. Now, raise your hand again if you knew about them before Ever After. Not that many hands up now, right? Well way back in the early 2000’s, before all the glitter, sparkly pants and flying, Marianas Trench was just another garage band with a dream of making it big.

Now look at them! Having just completed two cross-Canada tours with three full length albums, two EPs, and twelve music videos released, they have started yet another headlining tour across America. All this wouldn’t have been possible without a little ditty called Shake Tramp.

Shake Tramp was released in 2007 as the third single off their debut album, “Fix Me.” It peaked at #65 on the Canadian Singles Chart and made it’s way to the #1 spot on MuchMusic Countdown. A music video was released along with it causing a Canada-wide love for the crazy and unique style. Because of Shake Tramp’s success, it has led them to become one of Canada’s greatest bands with fans in countries all over the world.

Six years after it’s release, it is still a fan favourite with it’s memorable chorus and catchy tune. I find that no matter the circumstance, Shake Tramp will never fail to make you smile, even if it is just from watching Josh Ramsay “dance” his way through the video.

Check out their websites below and check back here for more upcoming news on Marianas Trench.


-Aurianna Brien- Canadian Beats

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