Faber Drive in Singapore!

If you are a fan of Faber Drive then you will probably know that the guys are on their way to Singapore to perform for Music Matters! There are more than 50 bands that will be performing over 150 shows over three nights, coming from 20 different countries!

Don’t live in Singapore but would love to see Faber Drive perform at this? Well believe it or not, there is a way! If you go to the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/events/486030818136309/ you can get all the information that you need!

This event will be broadcast live on YouTube. Faber Drive will be performing there on Friday, May 24th at 11:40 PM. But, because of time zones, we will actually be watching it on Thursday, May 23rd. They will be live at 8:40 AM in Vancouver, 11:40 AM in Toronto, and 12:40 PM for PEI, NB, and NS. If you are in another time zone, it should be easy to figure out what time they will be performing!

If you want more information on the event, you can go to the event’s website at http://www.allthatmatters.asia/ or follow them on Twitter @MusicMatters. And be sure to tune in to watch Faber Drive at http://www.youtube.com/user/musicmatterstome whenever they are playing in your time zone!

-Amanda Hather- Canadian Beats

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