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Best Selling Canadian Hip-Hop Song EVER?

As soon as you hear that “DUM DUM DUM” you know EXACTLY what song it is. There’s no denying that Inner Ninja is a catchy song, with fantastic lyrics, and an even better messaged. I never would have imagined that it would go triple platinum making it the best selling Canadian hip-hop song ever!

From being a fan, I’ve felt all the passion that Classified puts into his music. “Oh Canada” was the only other song of his to reach platinum status because of the fame it got from the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver. I may be slightly biased, but any of his songs are platinum material.

Inner Ninja has also won Classified to win his first Juno! He’s been nominated so many times, came so close, and lost to someone else. This time he did it! He won Rap Recording of The Year, beating out people such as Mad Child and Maestro Fresh Wes, who he has collaborated with in the past on tracks such as “Hard To Be Hip-Hop” (Maestro) and “Look Up (Signs)” (Mad Child).

I can’t express how proud I am to call myself a fan of Classified. I always get so defensive when people try to put him down for their own pleasure. One day I’ll write an article about his entire career so people can understand just how hard he works and what goes into his music. Until then, enjoy some Inner Ninja! 🙂

-Lauren Nickerson -Canadian Beats

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