Review of J.J. Voss album, “Show ‘Em Who’s Voss”

J.J. Voss is a country music artist from Saskatchewan. His album, Show ‘Em Who’s Voss” was voted “Roots album of the year” by the SCMA. The album was produced in Nashville by former Steve Earle band member, Harry Stinson. J.J. has had three radio singles from this album, “It’s a Pride thing”, “Bare Bones” and “Playing for Keeps”.

I was brought up with my parents listening to country music, so I tend to enjoy listening to country music, it brings back some great memories, and this album did just that. I loved the songs, “Playing for Keeps”, “It’s Pride Thing” and “Breakin’ Things”.

The album features songs that remind me of “classic” country, as well as “modern” country. The Night I Hit The Wall tends to remind me of a Blues song. Whereas, Playing For Keeps reminds me of a typical (that’s a good thing) country song about a love that has failed. It’s a Pride thing talks about being a hard working man and being proud of “working for what you need”, and doing what you gotta do.

Each song tells a story and makes you really feel like you have lived the story. A true reflection of what country music has always been and hopefully will continue to be.

Great job on the album, J.J.

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-Jenna Melanson- Canadian Beats

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