Marianas Trench Face The Music: EP

Marianas Trench Face The Music: EP

If you’re a fan of Marianas Trench you know that the boys kick off their American tour on May 16th. And just in time for the tour, they have released a four song EP to help promote them in the States on their new label, Cherrytree Records.

The EP, so aptly named Face The Music: EP, has two songs from their previous platinum selling album, Ever After (Haven’t Had Enough and Desperate Measure) as well as acoustic versions of Fallout and Haven’t Had Enough.

Because this is to promote the band in the States, it will not be hitting Canadian stores. However, if you go to you can purchase a physical copy of the EP in Canada. It is not yet available on Canadian iTunes.

Now make sure that if you are in the States that you check out the guys at one of their shows. Trust me, they put everything they have into a live performance. If you want to know where they are playing, just go to for dates and tickets. They are also playing a few Canadian shows after their American tour:

July 10th: RBC Royal Bank Ottawa Bluesfest in Ottawa, Ontario

July 12th: Molson Ampitheatre with LIGHTS and DiRTY RADiO in Toronto, Ontario

July 13th, Festival D’Été in Quebec City, Quebec

They will not be playing another tour in Canada until they release a new album, so make sure you see them now! After all this is over, they are going to be working on said new album, but they are also re-releasing Ever After in the States sometime soon and it is reported that it will have a few new songs.

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