Tuned In Tuesday: Jessica Lee

This week’s video for Tuned In Tuesday is none other than “Save Your Breath” by Jessica Lee. Jessica was a contest winner a few years ago for a fan to go up on stage with Marianas Trench and sing their duet, “Good To You” at Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario. Now, she has her own record deal under 604 Records in Vancouver, BC.

Her latest video for “Save Your Breath” tells the story of a girl going to a party and finding her boyfriend cheating on her with another girl. Hilarity ensues when she is throwing his belongings out the window of their apartment as he tries to be the stereotypical romantic and play a song outside of the window off of an old school radio. When that doesn’t seem to work, what does he do? Writes out signs saying that he wants to be with her forever…unless she gets fat. And that her dog is weird and small. Good idea? No, probably not the best way to get a girl back after cheating on her.

There are cameos of a certain blonde and blue haired lead singer and some of their friends throughout the video. Also, in the song, if you listen closely, you can hear the parts of “Haven’t Had Enough”, “B Team,” and “Toy Soldiers” all by Marianas Trench, as Josh Ramsay was a producer of the song.
And keep in mind that Jessica Lee’s debut album, Carried Away, is being released on May 28th! Keep up to date with Jessica’s music on Twitter, @JessicaLMusic, or on her website, http://jessicaleemusic.com/.

-Amanda Hather -Canadian Beats

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