iSH releases lyric video for Rollin’

iSH is a hip hop/R&B artist from Toronto, Ontario and has recently released a lyric video for his song “Rollin’” which features Stef Lang. The song, in my opinion, expresses Drake’s “YOLO” in a much better way and appeals to a wider audience.

With the verses taking on a more hip hop feel, but the choruses being sung beautifully by Stef Lang, the song illustrates that if you are down, you have to get back up, that it’s possible for things to get better. With lyrics like “can’t put nothing in my way”, “good things never come easy”, and “I’ve been on the upper side of down, and I’ve seen the bottom, but I pay no mind in the past, I live in the now” the song conveys the positive message of going after your dreams, and if you want them, you have to work hard for them.

iSH has been known for remixing other popular songs and featuring on songs such as “Candy Store by popular west coast band, Faber Drive.

You can buy “Rollin’” on iTunes here:

-Amanda Hather- Canadian Beats

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