Band Inspired Tattoos: Yay or Nay?

I’m sure this has been going on for some time now, but lately I have noticed a trend of getting tattoos inspired by your favorite band/ artist, whether it be lyrics, a symbol that represents the band, or even the artists autograph.

I, myself actually have a Hedley inspired tattoo, and I have contacted others that have music inspired tattoos, and yes, I have also contacted some band members/ artists to find out their opinions on the topic. I thought you would all enjoy this, so here goes!

I have found fans who have tattoos inspired by Faber Drive, Hedley, Marianas Trench, Social Code, The Latency and Fighting for Ithaca.

Kyleigh has a Faber Drive tattoo, she says she got the tattoo because she loves what the lyric means and she loves the band who wrote it.  When asked if she has ever gotten negative comments about her tattoo, because of what it represents, she says she hasn’t, she has only gotten positive comments. The band knows she has it and they loved it. The lead singer, Faber, actually showed it off to the band at the last show she attended.


I got the chance to ask two of the members of Faber Drive what they think of fans getting tattoos inspired by them or their music:

Bassist, Krikit Liddle says:

“I love it! It’s a huge commitment but it’s also a huge honor to know people love us enough to have us on their bodies forever”

Guitarist, Jordan Pritchett answered:

“Love em! Music and lyrics can have that powerful of an effect on people! I believe there are 6 or so Faber Drive tattoos that I know of”

Jessie has a tattoo inspired by Fighting for Ithaca. She says she got her tattoo because one day one day when she was feeling really low the song happened to start playing, and it made her realize that in the end, all she ever was gonna be was her, and that she shouldn’t change for anyone and therefore she should just ‘Stay The Same’.

She jokes about getting negative comments from the drummer of FFI when he found out she was planning a Fighting for Ithaca inspired tattoo, but when the band saw it, they all loved it, and were very flattered that she would get it!

When asked if she regrets the tattoo, she responded:

“Do not regret it at all, I love looking at it when I’m uncertain, and to know that I have that encouragement from the band. Kinda reminds me that they’re always there for me, whether I’m talking to them or not.”


When asked what his opinion on band inspired tattoos, Curtis (lead singer of FFI) says:

“Love em! If an artist has touched you enough, get it inked!” He also added that he knows of people who have Fighting for Ithaca tattoos and they are very honored.

Ashley is in a bit different situation, she has a band inspired tattoo, but that band has now broken up. I asked her if she regrets getting the tattoo since the band is no longer together, and her answer was:

“I don’t regret it at all. It was my first tattoo, and it brings me a ton of great memories. I can look at it and say, yeah the band is broken up, and yeah it’s not the greatest tattoo out there, but that band and their music got me through tough times. I met great people and lifelong friends through social code and had some great experiences. So to me it’s like looking at a scrapbook.”

She said that her and her friend got matching tattoos and decided on that Social Code lyric “Forever Always Ends” which to her meant to do what you want to do and live life before its too late as “forever always ends” It also means a lot since the two friends got matching tattoos. So it’s more of a memory type thing attached to it as well.

They got the tattoos right before attending a Social Code show, so the band did see them, and they all thought it was awesome, they got photos of them with their wrists in the air!


Jenysa has a Marianas Trench tattoo, she says she got the tattoo because the lyrics are very meaningful to her and she loves the band. “The lyrics mean no one knows who I am, or what I believe in. They only know what I show them, they only know the part I portray.”

The band knows she has it and they all loved it. She told me that Matt Webb, lead guitarist of the band, said “That’s pimp! I actually really like it!” Image

Chelsea has tattoos inspired by  Hedley, The Latency and Taylor Swift. Three Hedley tattoos to be exact. When asked why she got the tattoos, she replied “ Teenage rebellion”, but with a laugh continued on to say “I just love the band, and wanted to get something to represent them. Each of my Hedley tattoos, is my favourite song from each album. I have ” I’m free” from Saturday on my chest, ” It’s never too late” on my wrist with the crown on the album cover and “I’m not perfect but I keep trying, cause thats what I said I would do from the start” She says they are quotes that she lives by everyday. She states “I’m not perfect, but I have words of wisdom tattoed on me”.  When I asked if she regrets her tattoos, she said she doesn’t regret them, but sometimes regrets the placing of them. The Latency has since broken up, but that doesn’t change the meaning behind it and the memories she cherishes, she says “It holds on to memories. I had the pleasure of meeting them, and they are the sweetest guys ever! It also is a meaning I use all the time in my life. When I am down about things that happened in the past, I just look at my arm and know I just need to keep moving forward “

Here is one of her Hedley tattoos, as well as the “Never Look Back” tattoo inspired by The Latency!


Since we are speaking on Hedley, I also have a Hedley inspired tattoo. I got it after getting some tough news in my life, and the lyrics from One Life really spoke to me. You really have to do what you want, while you can! When Dave Rosin, guitarist from Hedley, saw my tattoo on Twitter, he said “Now that’s permant Hedley love”

When asked what he thought of band inspired tattoos, Dave said:

“An honour for sure. Most band guys have a tribute to some other band somewhere littered on their body; Flea has Hendrix”


Lauren has two Hedley inspired tattoos, as well as a tattoo inspired by Classified.

She has a “One Life” tattoo that she got in memory of her sister, who died from an overdose in March of 2011. “ It just reminds me to not waste my life. I’ve only got one life, I shouldn’t stop, I need to live it up.”

Her second Hedley inspired tattoo, features the lyrics “Even the worst storms gotta end”.” That song (Stormy) just got me on soooo many levels. I was in a dark place and that song just made me feel like I had something there for me, even if it was just a song.” Dave Rosin actually told her that the boat on her Stormy tattoo was “sick”. Lauren says “ I don’t think he knows how much that song really helped.”

Her Classified one says “Never Give up” in his handwriting. “Never Give Up is the message I get from his music and how he never gave up trying to get his music out. A label wouldn’t sign him? He started his own. He just never let anyone “rain of his parade” so to say. “


I also had the oppurtunity to ask two other musicians their opinions on band inspired tattoos, Rock Johnson, Vocalist of Chaos Theory, Broke On PayDay, From All Sides and Low Cut Monday, says:

“I think tattoos are awesome! If someone loves and feels that connected to an artist that they want to put it on their body, I say go for it! There are a lot worse things you could put on your body, other than something that brings you joy”

When asked if he knows of any fans who have tattoos inspired by any of his bands, he answered “To my knownledge no one has put my lyrics on their body, but IF they did, I would be incredibly honored!”

Grant Walker, lead singer of Halfway to Hollywood also gave me his opinon. He says “I think they’re cool, if you get them for the right reasons. Obviously with any tattoos, be sure you aren’t going to regret it!” He said he knows of at least one fan with an HTH tattoo and couple who are planning them. “It’s pretty surreal for me, to be honest. Really flattering and means a lot that somebody would want tsomething we created as a part of them for life.” He also added that he’s always worried he’ll say or do something stupid to make them regret it! Lol

To finish, I want to say that I find tattoos are a work of art, they are memories. I agree, that you should put thought into it, make sure you won’t regret it, but in the end, no matter what happens, you look back in 20 years, and you remember where you were in your life at the point of that tattoo.  Music is a source of joy for many people, so it doesn’t surprise me that band inspired tattoos are becoming more and more popular.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!

-Jenna Melanson- Canadian Beats

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