Quake Matthews – Corrado

Quake Matthews - Corrado

Released on April 6th, 2013, “Corrado” by Quake Matthews consists of 14 phenomenal songs.

From Fairview, just outside of Halifax, Quake has developed relationships with many different artists who are featured in his music. On Corrado, Quake has featuring artists such as: JRDN, Cam Smith, Kayo, Roc Marciano, and Earl B to name a few. Quake had multiple different producers on this album such as: Chris Noxx, of Tha Piecemakerz, Corey LeRue, of Hello, Click, Cam Smith, and so many more.

From owning almost every song and album put out by Quake, this is most definitely his best work yet. I had a hard time choosing what song I liked the best, as of right now, it is “Fan In Me”. It’s about Quake going to a concert in Philadelphia. That day, he wasn’t an artist; he was a fan.
From the first to last song, Quake keeps you interested in his lyrics and his producers keep you interested in the instrumental. I would definitely pick it up. You can get it on iTunes for $9.99, or you can buy a hard copy from www.quakematthews.com for $16.50, taxes and shipping included.

-Lauren Nickerson- Canadian Beats

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