Avril Lavigne releases video for new single, Here’s to Never Growing Up

With a tie around her neck and her eyes lined with the thickest eyeliner the world has seen, Canada’s Punk Princess, Avril Lavigne, is back and stronger than ever! Now that she has finished her fifth studio album, her new single, Here’s To Never Growing Up, is only a small sample of what we can expect from her new music.

Here’s To Never Growing Up is all about doing what you want and living your life the way you want to. To help represent this idea, Avril used the ol’ boring prom night scenario and made it better. With her quirky band on-stage and the dolled-up teens sitting around, Avril comes on bringing life to the the dance-floor as well as the halls and classrooms of the school. Mid-video we get to see Avril dressed the way she was back in her teen years, kind of like a tribute to the person she was before. The only difference that sets New Avril from Old Avril is the engagement ring on her hand, courtesy of Chad Kroeger of Nickleback.
By the end of the video, the prom has transformed into a full party with Avril and her band leading the fun.

This video not only provides an inspirational message and smile-causing experience; it provides Avril with the perfect way to claim her throne once again in the music industry and announce to the world that she is back and ready to rock!

-Aurianna Brien- Canadian Beats

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