Down with Webster – One In A Million

In the recently released “One In A Million” video by the Toronto band, Down With Webster, the boys perform their infectious song wearing their light up suits that they debuted on the Face The Music With A Vengeance tour, headlined by Vancouver band, Marianas Trench.

Unlike some of their other videos, such as “Big Wheels” and “Your Man”, the guys are not telling a story with their video. Instead, they are in a studio with projections playing behind them of what they believe “One In A Million” reflects. Whether it is shots of the lakefront in Toronto, or live shots from their concerts, this video is definitely different from the other videos that the band has put out.

The message behind this song, in my opinion, is all about being yourself, no matter what other’s want from you. You are you, and no one else is exactly the same as you, which is the point. We are all one in a million.

-Amanda Hather- Canadian Beats

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