Happy to Introduce Amanda!

Happy to Introduce Amanda!

Canadian Beats has brought on another writer, and we’re happy to have her! She will have a weekly post on Tuesdays, and you are not going to want to miss it!
She has sent along a quick write up about herself, so here it is!

“Hey there! My name is Amanda Hather, I’m 19 years old, and live in lovely little Prince Edward Island. What do I like about Canadian music? Anything and everything! There are so many great artists and bands from our country. What kind of music do I like? Pretty much anything. On my iPod you can find anything from country, to rap, to pop, to rock, to even classical piano music. Yes, I know. I’m odd. My favourite bands/artists in Canada? Well that’s a long list. Marianas Trench, Faber Drive, Fighting for Ithaca, Anami Vice, Fake Shark Real Zombie, Down With Webster, Drake, Classified, RocketRocketShip, Hedley, Simple Plan, ByStarlight, Halfway To Hollywood, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but if there’s a Canadian band out there, there’s a 99% chance I’ll like them! Besides loving music, I’m also an aspiring author as well as a graduate of a business program at a college here on Prince Edward Island. Feel free to talk to me anytime on twitter, @AmandaHather! If you seem to like the bands that I do, I follow back!”

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