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Kieran Strange is a pop rock artist, who at the age of 17 packed up and moved all the way from  England to Vancouver, British Columbia to pursue her music career.

She has released a 3 song EP, entitled Adamantine Heart. Adamantine means to have a hard, solid, unbreakable substance. Strange, who was bullied viciously through school found a way to channel  them through her music, rather than be ashamed.

The EP features the songs, Adamantine Hearts, Rock ‘N Roleplay Baby and Hit a Nerve. This pink haired punk rocker is singing about what she knows and her life experiences, and you can tell she is a person that is going to stand up for what she belives in, and she is proud of who she is.

I was contacted  on twitter to do an interview with Kieran and I jumped at the oppurtunity after listening to her EP. I highly recommend you take a listen!

I think we’ll start with a bit of back story.

Kieran, why did you decide to move to Vancouver to pursue your music career?

KS: Well, I was visiting mates in the Lower Mainland and Alberta, and while I was over here I noticed that a lot of the Canadian kids had bands. It seemed easier to form a band in the city, rather than smalltown England. I’d sort of pushed my dream to the back of my mind during my exams and decided to focus on going to university and having a career, but when I came to Canada it all came rushing back to the surface, and I just had to start writing and performing again.

In your career, up until now, what has been the highlight?

KS: Touring is always the highlight. Nothing beats three girls in a sweaty Honda Fit driving through the desert of the US west coast, discovering brand new places and meeting people I know from Twitter and Facebook, and other fans. It’s absolutely brilliant. I get terribly homesick when I’m on the road but I love travelling so much.

What is the message you want to get across in your music?

KS: That it’s okay to be who you really are on the inside, and that there are others out there who are just as messed up and weird as you. I spent so many years trying to be the person I thought others wanted me to be that I almost forgot who I am. This past year I’ve really been trying to find myself again, and music has been helping me do that. I’ve always expressed emotions through lyrics and writing and art. A lot of my new music (coming out in 2013) has just been me trying to find out who I truly am, now that I’m finally not scared to show my true colours.

If you were asked to give the short answer as to how social media is important in the music industry, what would you say?

KS: There is only the short answer: FANS. These are the people who go to your shows, buy your merch, listen to your music, and tell their friends about you – if it wasn’t for these people, you wouldn’t be making music. Why wouldn’t you want to meet them!? Some of the most interesting and amazing people I’ve ever met has been through social media, and I feel humbled that they support me the way they do. I love them.

Is there any artist that you would love to tour with in the future?

KS: There’s a local Vancouver band I’m a HUGE fan of called GreenTree; I’ve always said how much I’d die to tour with them, because their live show and music is just fab. One of my favourite bands, My Chemical Romance, just split up, but I’d always wanted to tour with them. From what I’ve heard from my fans, their idea of the perfect tour for me would include Paramore and Lights – both artists I’d be honoured to play with!

What about collaborations? Is there anyone you would like to work with?

KS: I’d probably freak out if Skrillex remixed one of my tracks or I had the chance to sing vocals on one of his. I’m a pretty big fan of his stuff. And I always imagined P!nk would be an incredible person to songwrite with.

Now for some fun!

What is the first album you remember buying?

KS: With my own pennies? That’s a tough one. The first album I ever owned was “Spice” by the Spice Girls. They were my heroes when I was five or six. I think it was either “Meteora” by Linkin Park or “Origin Of Symmetry” by Muse, unless you count the Kerrang! mix CD I got with the mag this one time.

What are your top 3 songs to listen to, at the moment?

KS: I still rock out to Gangnam Style when I do the housework, but considering that’s already burst the eardrums of so many worldwide, I’ll check the top three on my YouTube playlist… All right, currently it’s “Bigger Than Punk Rock” by Sonic Boom 6, “Map of the Problematique” by Muse, and “Party Poison” by My Chemical Romance.

In your spare time, what would we find you doing?

KS: I’ve been getting into costuming a lot more recently. My roomie is a fab seamstress and she’s been teaching me. I’m a pretty awful student though, I sewed a poncho cover to the foot of the sewing machine the other day. I also draw a lot, my sketchbook is nearly full so I have to pick up another one. I’m also working on a dystopian supernatural fantasy novel, so that’s eating up a lot of my spare time!

What band/artist do you go see in concert, whenever possible?

KS: I always try to go to as many shows as I can. Canadian Music Week this year was just amazing because there were like a thousand artists in sixty venues, so you could literally go out after dinner and watch live music until the very early hours of the morning. I made friends with a great band from Sweden called Frantic Sunday, who were just unbelievable live. I’d definitely check out their show again if they came to Canada.

I always like to include THIS OR THAT in my interviews, so here goes:

Coca Cola OR Pepsi?

KS: Regrettably, Coca Cola. It just tastes better.

Chocolate or Peanut Butter?

KS: Chocolate.

Cats or Dogs?

KS: BOTH! I’m honestly torn!

Television or Movies?

KS: Depends on my mood – if I can sit through an entire movie, then definitely movies!

Facebook or Twitter?

KS: Twitter!

Batman or Superman?


Morning or Night?

KS: Night. I’m definitely not a morning person, believe me.

Now, last but not least, do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans?

KS: Don’t change, stay strange!

Want to see Kieran live??!

Well you have a few chances that are quickly approaching!

May 17-19: Otafest, Calgary

May 31: New Black Centre, Calgary

-Jenna Melanson- Canadian Beats

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