Tinman Presale

Tinman Presale

It is my pleasure to tell you about a maritime artist who starting working as a solo acoustic act in New Brunswick, Canada, and now has made his way onto the East Coast scene, and is definitely a must see, if you have the chance!

This folk rock performer pulls you into his songs and takes you on a journey with his vocals, full of emotion. He puts every bit of himself into his songs, and you can tell!
His new album, Tinman is up for pre-sale on his website, you can find it here: http://www.andybrown.ca/
There are even packages where you can buy both of his albums, I would recommend both, as False Alarm is an amazing album, featuring the hit song, Ashes, which you may have heard on the television show, Rookie Blue!
Look for more from Andy Brown on my blog, Canadian Beats, in the future!

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