Nicole Rayy Releases Her Latest Single “Fireproof”

Photo credit: Ian McCausland Nicole Rayy just keeps getting better and better with each song she releases and her current single “FIREPROOF” is her best to date. Released digitally on March 1, and set for release to Canadian country radio on March 27, this song speaks of strength and courage “so go on pour the gasoline, come on and throw the […]

“Might As Well Be Me,” the Latest Single Released by Chad Brownlee is Stellar

“Might As Well Be Me” is the fourth single off Chad Brownlee’s highly acclaimed album Hearts on Fire, an album that recently garnered this impassioned artist a 2017 JUNO Award nomination for Country Album of the Year. It was dropped to Canadian country radio March 14 and this is a song that’s positively captivating to […]

Dallas Smith announces new label

By: Jenna Melanson Juno Award Winning Country artist, Dallas Smith has announced that he has started a new label, Steelhead Music. The label was created along with his partners, Alex Seif (Union Entertainment Group) and Scott Cooke (Producer). That is exciting in itself, but they have also announced their first signing will be Manitoba based […]