ECMA 2017 – The Awards Gala

The 2017 ECMAs are happening right now in Saint John, New Brunswick. The entire weekend filled with conferences, showcases, awards, and just a general good time with good people and good vibes. Last night was the actual award part of the East Coast Music Awards and did the performers and host ever put on a […]

Photo Review – Adam Baldwin & Like A Motorcyle

Who: Like A Motorcycle/Adam Baldwin When: April 12, 2017 Where: The Marquee Club, Halifax Nova Scotia The Marquee Club, once again, held a stellar Rock Show, making this venue my home away from home. I swear if I didn’t work from home, I could honestly say I spend more time here than at my residence. […]

Show Review – Day Two – Groundswell Festival – The Royal Volts, Like A Motorcyle & The Stanfields

Who: The Stanfields, Like A Motorcyle & The Royal Volts When: March 17, 2017 Venue: Olympic Hall Where: Halifax, NS Shenanigans and Whiskey Guns. Let’s paint a picture, shall we? It is a Friday Night in Halifax, Saint Patrick’s Day, AND you have three of the best Punky-Rock bands going in Nova Scotia playing under […]

10 ECMA nominees that we’ve had the pleasure of photographing in the past!

With East Coast Music Week on the rise, here at Canadian Beats we are excited for all the talent we will be covering, and then we started thinking back to all of the great East Coast artists that we’ve covered through the years! Low and behold, we have covered a great many of the nominees […]

Interview – Like A Motorcyle

Halifax punk rockers, Like A Motorcycle, are currently in the midst of their current tour- which has taken them through Europe and across Canada- in promotion of their latest full length record, High Hopes.  The four piece band is very distinctive among their peers of modern punk and hard rock bands due to their style […]

Show Review – Like A Motorcyle

When: October 15, 2016 Venue: Sneaky Dee’s Where: Toronto, Ontario The first time I saw Like A Motorcycle was almost eight months ago when they opened for The Stanfields at Plan b in Moncton, New Brunswick when they completely blew my mind. Fast forward to October and I’m in Toronto, having moved back home from […]

Review – Like A Motorcycle

Album: High Hopes Release Date: September 2, 2016 Download Genre: Punk Halifax punk rock outfit, Like A Motorcycle have released High Hopes, the band’s debut full length album, in partnership with Groundswell Records. Like A Motorcycle are a very interesting group.  Nowadays, punk rock is looked upon with a vintage aesthetic; back to the days […]