Review – Bass Lions

Album: Threes           Release Date: April 21, 2017 Download Genre: Well-Tempered Bach Meets Artsy-Edged Rock One Line Review:  Kitchener-based Bass Lions new EP Threes is Frank Zappa as a pop-edged, moody teenager, with a string section, and perfectly planned musical penmanship. Full Review:  Conceptually, the idea is not a new one.  In an attempt to break new […]

Photo Review – Blue Rodeo & The Sadies

Who – Blue Rodeo, The Sadies When – February 28, 2017 Where – Centre-In-The-Square, Kitchener, ON Perennial Canadian favourites Blue Rodeo descended upon Kitchener’s sold out crowd and did not disappoint. In my honest opinion after 30 years in the Canadian music scene this band is still vastly underrated. Solid performances night after night. I […]

Photo Review- Rose Cousins & Port Cities

Who: Rose Cousins, Port Cities When: February 15, 2017 Where: Centre In The Square, Kitchenern, ON Nova Scotia singer/songwriter Rose Cousins visits Kitchener ON for an intimate on-stage concert. Opening the night was fellow NS band Port Cities to lend a supporting hand. Canadian Beats was happy to be their and bring you this photo review. Port […]

Interview – Mystic & Miranda

Kitchener-Ontario based sister duo Mystic & Miranda may or may not be a name you’ve heard of before, but they have been in the Canadian music scene since the late 90’s. Their award winning sound combines pop, soul, reggae and hip-hop, doing justice to their influences along the lines of music legends Whitney Houston, Michael […]

Photo Review – The Glorious Sons & OBGMs

The Glorious Sons proved again, on December 3, 2016 in Waterloo at Maxwell’s, that they are the future of rock and roll in Canada. Playing an 1:45 hour set to an overly enthusiastic sold out crowd of songs from the first album but also playing a bunch of new songs from their next record. The photos tried […]

Photo Review – Gordon Lightfoot

Canadian icon and legend Gordon Lightfoot performed at the Centre-in-the-Square in Kitchener Ontario on November 17, 2016. Performing his many hits to the sold out crowd in Kitchener who even had an opportunity to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ back to Mr. Lightfoot on the occasion of his 78th birthday. To see more photos from the show, […]

Show Review – Our Lady Peace & I Mother Earth

Who: Our Lady Peace & I Mother Earth When: October 31, 2016 Where: Centre in the Square –  Kitchener, ON Somewhere in Canada, there’s a painting of Raine Maida aging terribly. I say this because Raine himself seems not to have aged at all since the mid to late 90s when I was in high […]