Nicole Rayy Releases Her Latest Single “Fireproof”

Photo credit: Ian McCausland Nicole Rayy just keeps getting better and better with each song she releases and her current single “FIREPROOF” is her best to date. Released digitally on March 1, and set for release to Canadian country radio on March 27, this song speaks of strength and courage “so go on pour the gasoline, come on and throw the […]

Review – Coleman Hell

Album: Summerland Release Date: October 14, 2016 Download Genre: Alternative/ Pop Coleman Hell burst onto the scene in February 2015 with his single “2 Heads”. The track is now certified triple platinum in Canada and Gold in the US. Even with the mainstream success of “2 Heads” Hell wanted to stay true to his unconventional style of […]

Canadian Beats On The Spot with Coleman Hell

Canadian Beats contributor, Linda Heldman was super stoked that we got the chance to catch up with Coleman Hell at North Bay Summer in the Park. It was a blast to film this segment of On The Spot, and we hope you enjoy! Be sure to share & subscribe, as well! Connect with Coleman Hell: […]