Review – Bass Lions

Album: Threes           Release Date: April 21, 2017 Download Genre: Well-Tempered Bach Meets Artsy-Edged Rock One Line Review:  Kitchener-based Bass Lions new EP Threes is Frank Zappa as a pop-edged, moody teenager, with a string section, and perfectly planned musical penmanship. Full Review:  Conceptually, the idea is not a new one.  In an attempt to break new […]

New video & remix released by Bass Lions

By: Jenna Melanson Ontario based band, Bass Lions has released a brand new video & remix for their song, “Be Your Man”, which follows their debut LP release late last year. The band worked with Thomas van der Zaag on the video and remix. Connect with Bass Lions: Facebook: Twitter: Jenna Melanson I’m Jenna, and […]

New video released by Bass Lions

By: Jenna Melanson Ontario band, Bass Lions have released a video for their single “We’ve Got Guts”. The video was shot during NIGHT/SHIFT 2014 in Kitchener, Ontario. If you’re unaware of NIGHT/SHIFT it is Kitchener’s annual nuit blanche-style festival of art, culture & nocuturnal adventure. Kitchener’s citizens took to the challenge to “be a pro […]

Review – Bass Lions

By: Amanda Hather EP – Bass Lions iTunes Link – Release Date – October 28th, 2014 Label – Fortnight Music Genre – Alternative Ontario band Bass Lions released their self-titled EP on October 28th. This follows their previous releases ‘Bass Lions Is Diamonds’ in 2010 and ‘More Than Islands’ in 2009. The band includes […]