Five Questions With PoppySeed

Vancouver’s PoppySeed  has toured western Canada and also had his first European tour with New York rapper, Kool Keith. He is showing no signs of slowing down, but we are happy he took some time out of his schedule to chat with us for our newest segment of Five Questions With. Care to introduce yourself […]

Interview – John Cody

Montreal based John Cody has released his fourth and final album, ‘Hard Won: The Final Recordings’ today (May 26, 2017). The album is said to tell tales of Cody’s life when it comes to love, fame and mental illness. The album unfortunately comes after Cody being diagnosed with Larynx cancer, but despite doctors telling him it will […]

Five Questions With Wendy Lynn Snider

St. Catharines, ON based artist, Wendy Lynn Snider has been pursuing her music career since 2009 at the encouragement and support of her husband and manager, Curtt. She released her first album, Life Is Good in 2010, and her second in 2011, a self-titled release. Wendy didn’t slow down then, her third album, Love Me […]

Interview – The PepTides

Photo Credit: Andre Gagne Ottawa is home to the country’s most colourful band, both musically and visually, The PepTides. The band’s theatrical live shows and unique tracks like “Attack of the Treadmill” and “202 Washington DC” have thrown them into the spotlight in recent years. You can’t deny the incredible talent and complete creativity, pulling you in and captivating audiences all over the […]

Five Questions With Bedroom Talk

Vancouver, BC based pop punk band, Bedroom Talk have recently released their single, “Grinding Teeth”, and a corresponding video. We had the chance to ask the duo a few questions in our newest Five Questions With segment. Check out the video and enjoy the interview! Care to introduce yourself to our readers? Hey! We’re Bedroom […]

Interview – Vroni

At eighteen, Toronto singer-songwriter Veronica Sabah—known in the music world as Vroni—is looking to make waves with her debut EP, Illusions. Elected as a Youth Day ambassador, the focus on mental illness and bullying shines through in both her lyrics and her personal life. We caught up with her to ask what kind of reactions these topics […]

Interview – Scenic Route To Alaska

I had the chance to sit down with the guys from Scenic Route To Alaska in a cozy little coffee shop on the edge of Vancouver’s Chinatown last week before they played the Cobalt. Here’s how our chat went. Social Media, how has it helped you guys build as a band? Trevor: Well, it’s always […]