Saskatoon Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Announces 2017 Ticketed Lineup

Since 1987, one of the highlights of the Saskatoon festival and event circuit – and must see for any music lover at heart – is the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. Running this year from June 23 to July 2, the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is excited to announce the entire 2017 ticketed lineup including artists playing at […]

Interview – Haviah Mighty

Recently I had the opportunity to send rap sensation Haviah Mighty, coinciding with the release of her brand new album Flower City, a list of questions ranging from her musical philosophy, creative processes, and opinions regarding the state of Canadian rap and hip hop. Her fifth studio release, Flower City is an open-love letter to […]

Review – Haviah Mighty

Album: Flower City Release Date: March 10, 2017 Download Genre: Rap/ Hip Hop/ Confidence/ Power One Line Review:  Brampton Ontario’s Haviah Mighty’s new record Flower City delivers an on point, sharply rhymed, smartly produced, powerfully articulated, positively aggressive, whimsically delivered, contemporary rap-classic. Full Review:  When most 17 year olds are trying to figure out their […]

Review – BA Johnston

Album:  Gremlins 3 Release Date: March 3, 2017 Download Genre: The Contraband Sneak-In-While-You-Are-Serving-Your-Weekend-Jail-Sentences Album One Line Review:  Halifax based BA Johnston proves he is The Weakerthans’ blue-collared second cousin, Mr. Plow’s best friend, and the Canadian answer to the Dead Milkmen, with the much needed (non-sequitur) soundtrack to the much-needed (never-filmed) movie Gremlins 3. Full Review:  […]

Review – Vibrant Heels

Album:  DRIVEN Release Date: February 10, 2017 Download Genre: A Contemporary Post-Hardcore / Riff Rock / Alternative Angled / Industrial Throwback One Line Review:  Vibrant Heels new album DRIVEN is Sons of Freedom, teaming up with Bionic, competing in a dance-off against Bootsauce in the parking lot of an all ages Montreal Death Metal show. Full […]

Review – The Rickaneers

Album:   The Rickaneers LP Release Date:  Jan. 27, 2017 Download Genre: The Hives with Pocket Knives One Line Review: The Hives, Sloan and Jack White go on a road trip down ol’ Highway 61 up to the Trans-Canada in a dusty, rusty, 1960’s El Camino soft top with a barrage of the Kinks, the Kingsmen, […]

Review – Jason Saulnier

Album:  Break These Chains Date:  January 19, 2017 Download Genre: Old School Metal Chops with Indie Rock Vibe One Line Review:  Nova Scotia-based Jason Saulnier’s new self-recorded, self-performed, Break These Chains shreds more than a teenage kid working for the all-you-can-eat salad bar at an all-night Bonanza restaurant. Full review:   Jason Saulnier’s presence in Canadian […]