Review – Trigon

Album: Fed Up Release Date: March 24, 2017 Download Genre: Rock/Metal Trigon are new comers to the Ottawa scene and today they are releasing their debut album entitled Fed Up, a vaguely punk rock, slightly angsty and at times beautifully chaotic rock album that will fit into virtually any collection. The album starts of with […]

Review – Striker

Album: Striker Release Date: February 24, 2017 Download Genre: Metal Edmonton metal monsters, Striker, are back with their new self-titled album and for the fifth time they have delivered some serious riffage. It now seems entirely possibly these gentlemen possess some kind of mystical time machine, and are able to bring the old school stadium […]

Review – Terrifier

Album: Weapons of Thrash Destruction Release Date: January 20, 2017 Download Genre: Thrash Vancouver thrash acolytes, Terrifier are poised to strike with a new album entitled Weapons of Thrash Destruction and it’s certainly sounding like its defcon 1. Bestial, unbridled and unrelenting in all its thrashing glory, the old gods may have met their match. […]

Review – Excuses Excuses

Album:Frame Of Mind Release Date:November 25, 2016 Download Genre: Punk Excuses Excuses, a group of punk rockers located in Ontario have released their debut EP Frame Of Mind and just like good teenage punk rock should be, the EP is packed full of drugs, loss, angst and facing the horrors of an uncertain future. This […]

Review – ONI

Album: Ironshore Release Date: November 25, 2016 Download Genre: Progressive Metal ONI has crawled from the dark, and much like their mythical namesake, they have shape shifted into a violent, brutal and demonic force then might have been expected. Carefully overseen by none other than Josh Wilbur, the mastermind producer of heavy hitters like Lamb […]

Review – Shark Infested Daughters

Album: These Tides, Our Tombs Release Date: November 11, 2016 Download Genre: Metalcore Calgary metalcore moshers, Shark Infested Daughters just released their latest album and fans are definitely going to need a bigger boat. Ten tracks of bouncing tidal fury, this six piece has gnashed its teeth, and what a furious bite they have. Packed […]

Review – Illyrian

Album: Round 2: Fight! Release Date:  October 7, 2016 Download Genre: Thrash Calgary thrashers Illyrian have unleashed a mosh pit massacring new album appropriately titled Round 2: Fight!  Unrelenting, face-melting and otherwise utterly insane, this album is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser!! Filled with hammering blast beats and riffage so violent you have to keep […]