Stage set for MEGAPHONO in Ottawa-Gatineau

Giving emerging artists a showcase their talent and make contacts within the larger worldwide music industry ecosystem has been the mandate of MEGAPHONO.

In their fourth edition, MEGAPHONO comes to Ottawa-Gatineau February 8 through February 10.  Utilizing 25 venues from the Capital region, a diverse line-up of 70 artists including Tasha the Amazon, Sila + Rise, Lido Pimienta and Daniel Romano’s Ancient Shapes, will perform for a highly influential group of music industry delegates from Canada, the United States, Europe and South America.  Delegates will also take part in several panels and discussions.

Venues for MEGAPHONO include Le Petit Chicago in Gatineau, the 4th Stage, Salon and Theatre stages at the National Arts Centre, and several Ottawa staples such as Irene’s Pub, House of Targ and 27 Club (formally Zaphod Beeblebrox’s).

Tickets for MEGAPHONO, including multi-show passes, can be purchased at

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Born and raised with thoughts and aspirations of becoming a famous bassist in Sarnia, ON; Emily Plunkett now lives in Gatineau, QC, and considers National Capital Region home sweet home. A product of the Beatles, MuchMusic and the Southwestern Ontario summer festival circuit (circa 2000), her interest and love in concert photography came almost completely by accident when her journalism program at Algonquin College required courses in photojournalism (and she quickly realized that photos taken at concerts using a DSLR are enormously better than ones she was taking on a point-and-shoot she bought for a trip to England). She is extremely proud of the fact she has seen Sloan in some form or another 25 times.

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