PREMIERE – A Dog Named Bob releases new single

Song: “(Lord, it’s hard to be happy when you’re not) Using The Metric System”
Release date: December 1st (All paid platforms)

The one-man band led by Venezuelan, Toronto based punk rocker Martin Perez, is ready to release new music. “(Lord, it’s hard to be happy when you’re not) Using The Metric System” is the first in a series of promotional singles leading up to A Dog Named Bob’s second EP, due for release in early 2018.

On this single, A Dog Named Bob sticks to what it knows best, themes that poke fun at the banalities and ridiculousness of life. In this case, the inconveniences of using the imperial system of measurement over the metric system. We all know the pain.

“Originally by Atom and His Package, this song (and the rest of Atom’s discography) was a huge influence when I first started this one-man-project. Not only does the tone of the song fit A Dog Named Bob’s style perfectly, but I also relate to the lyrics quite strongly… as ridiculous as it may sound,” says Perez. “As a Venezuelan immigrant in Toronto, I had a hard time connecting the dots and adjusting to locals using both systems of measurement.”

Connect with A Dog Named Bob:


I’ve been involved in music my whole life and have developed a passion for helping out or working in the industry any way I can. I’m interested in helping talented artists gain the recognition they deserve in this crazy business. I am currently studying Communication Studies at York University in Toronto, and working at a local theatre doing marketing and communications, as well as helping out a local festival called Rock the Coliseum. Indie, alt-rock/pop, and metal are my favourites but I’m open to all music genres! If I’m not at a show, I’m doing yoga, grabbing coffee, or looking for some craft beer.

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