PREMIERE – À La Mode releases video for “Auguries of Innocence”

Winnipeg’s own electropop duo, À La Mode has released a video for their single, “Auguries of Innocence”. When we asked them about the song, they responded,

“Our song “Auguries of Innocence” is excerpted from William Blake’s poem of the same name (1803). My bandmate Ava Glendinning and I produced and recorded the music, and our friend Alison Burdeny directed, shot and edited the video.  I should add that we managed to make all of this with next to no budget.

An augury is an omen. We interpret Blake’s Auguries of Innocence as a call to look toward nature so as to divine the future. Blake writes about innocence as the natural state of humankind, the state before experience taints us. Everything is universally interconnected, and if we can return to our innocent, infant-like state, we will end up understanding this intuitively. In the video, we merge with nature through pagan rituals that reclaim the Christian sacraments of baptism and communion, returning to an intuitive view of the world. We treated the making of this video as a ritual enactment.”

You can also catch the duo live in Winnipeg at The Handsome Daughter along with Snake River and Juniper Bush, be sure to check out the event page for more info.

Connect with À La Mode:

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