IN PHOTOS – George Canyon’s Acoustic Christmas in Dawson Creek

Who: George Canyon
When: November 21, 2017
Where: Unchagah Hall, Dawson Creek BC

George Canyon brought his acoustic Christmas to Dawson Creek’s Unchagah Hall earlier this week. As described by Canyon as “a good old-fashioned kitchen party” and for an acoustic performance, it was quite the party. Performing countless Christmas classics including a handful of his on hits, Canyon also shared stories from past Christmases with his own family. I personally enjoyed myself and I believe the rest of the people of Dawson Creek did as well.

Connect with George Canyon:

Hey there! I’m Zach I love long walks on the beach and movies that make you cry. Wait a minute this isn’t my E-Harmony account. Let’s try this again, hi I’m Zach from Dawson Creek, BC. Before you think it, no it’s not like the TV show! I have loved music ever since I was a kid back in Abbotsford, BC where I was born. Moved up north when I was about six and was practically raised up here. Hands down one of my favorite Canadian band has to be Simple Plan, with Dallas Smith coming in second. One of my Favorite Things I enjoy doing is just sitting around listening to music or taking pictures. I’d say I’m a pretty good photographer but you can be the judge of that. Just even ask a couple of my friends City light vigil, Scarlet serenity or Violet night. If you’re still reading this congratulations you’ve reached the end.

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