Black Absinthe releases video for “The Wild”

Toronto based heavy metal trio, Black Absinthe has recently dropped their new EP Early Signs of Denial. This is the first professionally recorded EP that the band has released. Preceded by their first three; Live at Coalition (2014), Noise Complaint (2014), and Augusta (2012). The album was produced by Dave Bakash.

Early Signs of Denial offers a wide range of rock influences. Including trash, progressive and classic rock influences. Targeting fans of Black Sabbath, Motorhead and Coheed and Cambria. With the album out, the band released a video for their single, “The Wild”. The video and the title of the song summarizes the theme of the album. Bringing forth party rock and various styles of rock. The band had brought fans on a wild party, and what’s wilder than a pirate ship and a good time?

Did you enjoy the single? Check out the rest of the album HERE!

Connect with Black Absinthe:

I’m Phil and 27 years old. I’ve been involved with music as long as I can remember. I’ve worked as a backstage hand, stage crew, street-teamer with Union Events and various labels, been in and out of bands and started my own magazine; Attainable Magazine. In which I focus on band interviews and had the opportunity to sit down with names such as William Control, Real Mackenzies and I Prevail. As well photograph others such as August Burns Red, Silverstein, and Protest the Hero. Though I tend to gravitate towards the heavier styles; punk, metal, hardcore, and so forth. I do end up at any other show I can get too. I originally had gone to university to pursue broadcasting with a minor in photo-journalism but after a year left to continue to purse music on my own terms. If I’m not at a show, I’m either at a record store adding to my ever growing collection. In my free time I also model and practice body-suspension. You can always feel free to contact me on my other social medias.

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