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Emerging indie-folk songstress Gabrielle Shonk is dazzling with her newly-released self-titled album. With it peaking in the top 5 on the iTunes charts and currently retaining its place in the top 10, it’s no wonder her vocals have been compared to Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse. Check out Gabrielle’s website for a complete list of tour dates, and if she comes to a venue near you, make your way there and enjoy the show!

First of all, thank you for taking the time for our interview. How do you feel now that your album is finally released?

I feel really good! It was something I had been wanting to do and looking forward to for a long time.

How long did the writing and recording process take altogether?

3 years haha! It took a while!

How did it differ from your previous experiences, if at all?

This is actually the first record/original music I’ve ever released. I’ve been writing songs forever, I just never took the time or had the guts I guess to really go through with releasing something.

Any funny or memorable moments from inside the studio?

A bunch, haha! It’s hard to only pick one I play with some pretty funny dudes. The whole recording process was pretty memorable though. We did the basic tracks of the album (Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keys) at Wild Studio, which was definitely a highlight. It’s a studio in the woods by a beautiful lake, about an hour North of Montreal. We spent a few days there and it was so much fun! There’s nothing much like making music in an isolated setting at any time of the day or night.

Can you tell us what the theme of your album is if there is one? Is there a common link between the inspirations behind the songs?

There is no theme to the record really. Some songs were written during the recording process and some I had written years ago. My goal though was to make something very introspective, authentic and organic.

What would you say ended up being one of your favourites from the album?

‘Habit’! I released this song first ‘cause it was one of my favourites and it opened up so many doors for us, I’m very grateful!

What was the most difficult of the tracks to write and why?

We had a lot of trouble landing ‘Pars plus sans moi’ for some reason. The song went back and forth between English and French, 4/4 and ¾. We made two or three different recordings of the song before it landed in the form that’s on the record! I love it though, it’s a beautiful song but it’s a tricky one!

And what do you want audiences to take away from the album?

Good question! I guess I just hope people connect with. If it can make them feel good or understood or less alone somehow, that’s awesome!

Now, I’ve heard that you have a string of shows lined up in honour of the release of your album—can you tell our audience what those shows are, where they are, and where they can look them up?

Yeah, we have a full tour booked all around the province of Quebec and a few shows here and there in Ontario. People can visit my website to see where I’m playing! I also post a bunch on Facebook and Instagram.

Finally, any parting words for your fans at home?

Thanks for listening and sticking around guys! I really hope you enjoy the record.

See you soon in a show near you!

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