Review – Lindsey Walker

Album: This Desolate Bliss
Release Date: October 20, 2017
Genre: Roots/Rock

Edmonton singer-songwriter Lindsey Walker is exploding onto the scene this October with her debut album, This Desolate Bliss. A nine-track romp through Walker’s grungy downbeats, bluesy vocals, and alternative take on the Roots genre, This Desolate Bliss is a deeply personal, wholly unique, genre-bending listening experience.

Opening track “Shadows” starts the album off to a slow burn, a folksy undercurrent evident in the upswing of the chorus. A sultry melting pot of percussion and booming drums, “Shadows” seeps its audience in ambience from start to finish, the track a mesmerizing introduction to Walker’s synth-layered vocals.

Early-album “Never Too Late” draws the synth back to make way for a more delicate progression, diffused piano chords waltzing with Walker’s wistful retelling of love gone astray, the commanding nature of her voice spinning a tried-and-true theme into something that is newly compelling. Raw to the core, Walker reaches in and shakes awake something inside listeners that they thought they’d forgotten—an old heartbreak maybe, or a regret, or closure they never received.

Raw, unique, and brimming with talent, Lindsey Walker’s This Desolate Bliss is a must-listen this October.

Connect with Lindsey Walker:

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