Review – WarCall

Album: Invaders
Release Date: October 13, 2017
Genre: Metal

Heading out on their third European leg, Canadian thrashers WARCALL, aren’t stopping anytime soon. Their new album Invaders was released on October 13. This trio is inspired by major acts such as Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Slayer and brings a fast, aggressive yet melodic and dramatic sound to their songs.

The band remarks “War has always been an intrinsic part of humanity. Whether it is huge wars involving entire countries or the small wars we all fight every day to survive, it is fair to say that war has defined humanity.” Which can be felt in various ways through each song and makes you reflect on the struggles of work, relationships and mother nature.

Their first single “Riding With Zombies” can be seen here. Featuring stock footage from George A. Romero’s “Night of The Living Dead” movie. This track starts off with an eerie movie feel before kicking in with a heavy drum and guitar tone. The band claims they were relating to the “gruelling life of touring” which seems to be brought out as you get immersed in the song and it’s over before it really began.

“Mass Extinction” is claimed by the band “When things get to a low point, sometimes you have to make difficult decisions”. The song doesn’t stop from the start and kicks right in with the fast double-kicks of the drums which overpower the song until the harsh vocals start. Bringing the true feeling of war as you can hear “Attack” clearer than anything else. This song brings the true darkness of war and fighting against your enemies out. Yet fades out and calms down at the end to bring the calmer feeling back.

The band comments on the song “Para Belum”, “Don’t fear to destroy everything to rebuild everything”. The song starts off with a melodic guitar solo bring a variety to the album, that is until the drums kick in and making you want to head-bang for the entirety of the song. The duality of the clean and harsh vocals brings an eerie yet welcoming twist to the song. This song’s dynamics feels to be that when you have the harsher instrumentals of this trio you are destroying everything while the dual vocals and choir at the end brings in the rebuilding of what was destroyed.

This album is a taste for all ears, so don’t forget to grab the album on October 13 to check out the rest of the tracks and catch them in Europe on the following dates.

Show Dates:
October 13 – Petit Cafe Campus – Montreal, QC (CD Release Show)
“Invaders” Europe Tour:
October 19 – L’Excalibur – Reims, FR
October 20 – TBA – Troyes, FR
October 21 – Nordpol – Schwelm, DE
October 22 – La Legia – Liege, BE
October 24 – Le Blogg – Lyon, FR
October 25 – Elastic Bar – Strasbourg, FR
October 27 – Rockberry Bar – Prague, CZ
October 29 – No Man’s Land – Volmerange Les-Mines, FR

Connect with WarCall:

I’m Phil and 27 years old. I’ve been involved with music as long as I can remember. I’ve worked as a backstage hand, stage crew, street-teamer with Union Events and various labels, been in and out of bands and started my own magazine; Attainable Magazine. In which I focus on band interviews and had the opportunity to sit down with names such as William Control, Real Mackenzies and I Prevail. As well photograph others such as August Burns Red, Silverstein, and Protest the Hero. Though I tend to gravitate towards the heavier styles; punk, metal, hardcore, and so forth. I do end up at any other show I can get too. I originally had gone to university to pursue broadcasting with a minor in photo-journalism but after a year left to continue to purse music on my own terms. If I’m not at a show, I’m either at a record store adding to my ever growing collection. In my free time I also model and practice body-suspension. You can always feel free to contact me on my other social medias.

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