Review – Grizzly Waves

Album: Welcome to Wrangellia
Release Date: August 8, 2017

Genre: Indie Rock

Hailing from Tofino, BC, Grizzly Waves has released a satisfying little EP titled Welcome to Wrangellia. Self-described as “a musical project that started in 2014. Sometimes it’s a band, sometimes it’s one guy named Luke MacDonald. It’s mostly loud and always honest.”

The opening song “Aurora” throws you right in with lyrics about finding connections and finding freedom with someone. It has a great beat and energy that bleeds into the second track “Monarch (Ft. Northcote)” – that was my favourite track. “The Stranger” which features Chase Brennemen from Living With Lions is a frustrating account of the futility of holding on to little moments in your life.

MacDonald has a powerful voice and doesn’t shy away from using it either, whether through emoting rage or heartbreak, giving the songs the balance they need while not competing with the instruments.

The songs blend together seamlessly – MacDonald knows his sound. With three straightforward tracks, we’re given a taste of west coast indy flavour that feels like a delightful palate cleanser.

The hints of surfer rock and harmony in Welcome to Wrangellia are great for a happy little pick-me-up during a dull week. Clocking in at a brief ten minutes and forty-five seconds this EP isn’t going to wear you down. In fact, it’s going to leave you wanting more.

Connect with Grizzly Waves:

I’m Emily Frewin. I remember my dad teaching me how to take care of a record before I knew how to tie my shoes. Laying on the floor of my living room listening at full volume to a new album or bathing in the glory of an old one was how I spent most of my childhood and adolescence. Writing and music have always been important to me, so I’m very excited to be writing for Canadian Beats. I have a dog, a husband, and several children, some of which may or may not be mine. I spend my days fighting off the on-set of dementia by working for a Geomatics company, listening to music, trying to sell my children, watching movies, and planning out how to kidnap Idris Elba. I also own a T-Rex costume.

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