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This Is A Crisis comes from the dingy basements, sweaty rehearsal spaces and straight from the depths of over-crowded beer soaked concert halls.

Genre: Rock, Hardcore, Punk
Hometown: Toronto, ON

In the fall of 2013, five musicians came together after finding themselves at a standstill on the local music scene. After numerous years of playing in many different bands around the Durham Region, Brett Lavender (Vocals), Andrew Brien (Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals), Russ Shipman (Bass, Backup Vocals), Felix Bouchard (Lead Guitar) and Kyle Russell (Drums), got together and decided to start making some music. LOUD, FAST, RAUNCHY, SOLO FILLED, DOWN RIGHT HIGH ENERGY ROCK N’ ROLL MUSIC.

A high-energy punk rock infused metal band from The Great White North!

Lawless Sons

Genre: Dirty Rock
From Streetsville, ON
Band Members: V Ruckus, Chan Man, Andrew

Tomahawk Love

Genre: Peel Punk, Party Rock
Hometown: Streetsville, ON

Unity is Tomahawk Love’s biggest strength, and it finds its true definition on the band’s real home: the stage. It’s there that the spirit of music and brotherhood combine for a resounding, frenetic performance that can only be defined as perfectly natural for five friends who love what they do.


Genre: Alternative Hard Rock
Hometown: Toronto, ON

Songs you wake up the next day humming. Howling guitar duets echoing a lost era. New noises that tear your face off. Killer vocals, killer harmonies. Happy words, sad words. Wild young musicians pounding out a heavy, sometimes-simple, sometimes-complex orchestration of power-rhythms, riffs, beautiful chord changes and melodies – and it feels like a party.

Sumo Cyco

Genre: Metal, Punk, Dancehall
Hometown: Hamilton, ON

Sumo Cyco is a four-piece, female fronted, hard rock band from Toronto, Ontario. Sumo Cyco fuses hard rock guitar riffs with in your face blast beats and dancehall rhythms, topped by electric female vocals.

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Hi! My name is Melissa, I am a portrait and live music photographer from Toronto. Originally from Malton, Mississauga. I recently decided to combine my love of going to shows and photography – and I love it! It really gives me the opportunity to meet so many great people, and I’ve made some awesome friends along the way. I enjoy discovering new music and photographing the local bands – who doesn’t want a photo of themselves looking like a rock star? I first started going to shows when I was 16, and I saw My Chemical Romance about 7 times before they broke up. My favourite band of all time is Billy Talent. You can usually find me at most hard rock shows, or at ComiCon and FanExpo. I’m a lover of all things sci-fi, fantasy, and Halloween! And also cats, I can talk forever about cats.

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