Photo Review – Bruce Cockburn & Terra Lightfoot

Who: Bruce Cockburn, Terra Lightfoot
When: September 26, 2017
Where: Centre In The Square, Kitchener, ON

His gait is slower but his voice remains strong. Judging by his new material there is ample evidence that Bruce Cockburn remains relevant to our Canadian music scene. He gave the crowd that came out to see him on a Tuesday night exactly what they came for; beloved old songs as old as most of the assembled crowd, great guitar playing and great new material. Hamilton ON roots rocker Terra Lightfoot was a perfect opener for this event.

Terra Lightfoot:

Bruce Cockburn:

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Connect with Bruce Cockburn:

Connect with Terra Lightfoot:

Live music photography allows me to combine two great passions. As a life long music fan and off and on photographer this a great match. From shooting small dark shows that leave me cursing the lack of light but energize me with their intensity, to large venues where larger than life productions entertain and amaze I am a fan of them all. I love living in the small town of Elora and continue to be amazed at the great calibre of musicians that come through this part of Ontario. Hoping to share some of this musical talent through my photography.

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