Review – Ben Stevenson

Album: Cara Cara
Release Date: September 22, 2017
Genre: Funk/Jazz/soul/R&B

Hailing from Edmonton AB, Ben Stevenson has been in the music scene since he was 15. He started out in the Punk scene and down the road had produced and written songs for many artists.

This guy has a big production career, working with people such as Boi-1Da who has produced for Drake, Rihanna, and Jay Z. He has worked with Frank Ocean, Miguel Perez, Little Wayne and many more.

The entire album is well put together and consists of amazing tracks. I dare say that Ben Stevenson may be a genius in the field of music and production.

Cara Cara‘s opening track, “No Better Way” was the perfect song to set this album off. The jazzy flow relaxes the mind and reins in the lyrics on a perfect note. My feet were literally sore from kicking to the beat.

“Endless” brings the bongo drums and trumpets to life. That’s all I could hear initially because they are two of my favourite instruments. It’s a cool song about the Endless Summer. The production is absolutely amazing on this track.

“Some Kind Of Blue” is a song about how things may not be what they seem. People may look happy and seem like they have everything together, but in fact, they are lost and looking for love.

“HoneyCola” to me is a perfect soul song. It is just plain relaxing to listen to and the slow jazz feeling to it makes it the perfect closing track for the release.

Connect with Ben Stevenson:

Inspirational Interviewer and Promotional music lover for artists.

Born in Kingston, I grew up with the likes of Dan Akroyd and his blues influence and also The Tragically Hip, plus live shows downtown in the streets and country bands in the pubs.

I love music in all forms and genres. I can adapt my ear to enjoy and appreciate all instrumentals and vocals. I started writing about certain artists that I grew up listening to and then I reached out to artists for interviews. I have done over 20 interviews with artists and CEOs of industry companies from all over the world.

Now, with Canadian Beats I have an opportunity to improve my journalistic abilities and to get the word out there for artists, and best of all to go to shows and get that personal feeling. I get to represent Canadian music on a higher level. We need to open more doors and have more shows and venues, as well as get the world to come to us. That is my goal.

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