Review – Death From Above

Album: Outrage! Is Now
Release Date:  September 8, 2017
Genre: Rock

Now, back in June, Death From Above made a VERY aggressive statement responding to DFA Records, they dropped the “1979” from their name.  Although they changed their name, their social media stayed the same.  Confusing right?  Even more confusing is when you download the album, the author is “Death From Above 1979”… but I digress.

The angsty retort basically saying “FU” to the label that shares the same name as the band, is repeated in that manner through the album in general.  Aggressive Rock N’ Roll is the perfect fit for this band.

Kicking off with “Nomad”, you have aggressive Rock and Roll with amazing vocal, guitar solo’s and just an overall polished and kick A$$ song.  Following up immediately with “Freeze Me” and you are in for one wild Rock n Roll ride.  “Statues” is a slower song, but still, with the aggressive guitars, just fills you with a sexy sway, while still wanting to bang your head.

Overall, this is a pretty damn good rockin’ album.  I love the distorted guitar, the heavy riffs, the killer bass line, the sometimes screamy vocals and the keys.  So well done!  I think this will be put on repeat for a while…

  1. Nomad
  2. Freeze Me
  3. Caught Up
  4. Outrage! Is Now
  5. Never Swim Alone
  6. Moonlight
  7. Statues
  8. All I C is U & Me
  9. NVR 4EVR
  10. Holy Books

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